YES meaning

What does YES mean?

If you want to know the YES meaning you should consider that this abbreviation can have several meanings depending on the context in which it is used, in this case this abbreviation can refer to:

  • Yale Entrepreneurial Society
  • Yalta European Strategy
  • Yamaha Education Suite
  • Yamaha Electone Supporters
  • Yankee Energy Systems, Inc.
  • Yankee Entertainment and Sports
  • Yankee Entertainment Station
  • Yankees Eat S***
  • Yankees Entertainment and Sports
  • Yankees Entertainment Sports
  • Yardstick for Excellent Schools
  • Yellowstone Ecosystem Studies
  • Yellowstone Electronic Solutions
  • Yeti Eats Socks
  • Yield Enhancement Strategy
  • Yield, Efficiency and Speed
  • Yield, Energize, Sweeten
  • You Eat Souls
  • You Expect Success
  • Young Ebullient Students
  • Young Educators Society
  • Young Emerging Stars
  • Young Energetic Servants
  • Young Engineering Students
  • Young Engineers Satellite
  • Young Enlightened Souls
  • Young Enterprise Scheme
  • Young Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Young Entrepreneurs Society
  • Young European Socialists
  • Young Europeans for Security
  • Young Executive Seminars
  • Young Executive Singles
  • Young Executive Student
  • Young Explorers Sensation
  • Young, Empowered and Single
  • Your Easy Success
  • Your Educational Success
  • Your Effort Shows
  • Your Eggplant System
  • Your Employee Services
  • Your Enjoyment of Skiing
  • Your Everyday Savings
  • Your Excellence Succeeds
  • Your Excellency Succeeds
  • Your Extended Staff
  • Your External Support
  • You're Extra Special
  • You're Extremely Stupid
  • Youth Eastside Services
  • Youth Ecumenical Saturday
  • Youth Educating Society
  • Youth Education Scholarship
  • Youth Education Special
  • Youth Education Support
  • Youth Educational Services
  • Youth Educational Sports
  • Youth Educational Support
  • Youth Educational System
  • Youth Embracing Stewardship
  • Youth Emergency Services
  • Youth Employment Service
  • Youth Employment Services
  • Youth Employment Singapore
  • Youth Employment Summit
  • Youth Empowering Systems
  • Youth Empowerment Summer
  • Youth Empowerment Support
  • Youth Empowerment System
  • Youth Encountering Servanthood
  • Youth Energy School
  • Youth Engagement Shadow
  • Youth Engagement Strategy
  • Youth Engaging Scripture
  • Youth Enquiry Service
  • Youth Enrichment Service
  • Youth Enrichment Services
  • Youth Enrichment Skills
  • Youth Enrichment Specialties
  • Youth Ensemble of Strings
  • Youth Enterprise Scheme
  • Youth Entrepreneur Station
  • Youth Entrepreneurs Society
  • Youth Environment and Sustainability
  • Youth Environment School
  • Youth Equipped to Serve
  • Youth Evangelistic Service
  • Youth Excelling Spiritually
  • Youth Exchange Service
  • Youth Exercise Specialist
  • Youth Experiencing Service
  • Youth Experiencing Success
  • Youth Exposing Satan
  • Youth Extreme Sports
  • Youth for Environment Sanity
  • Youth for Environment Service
  • Youth for Environment Success
  • Youth, Education and Sports
  • Youth, Engineering and Science
  • Youth, Experience and Service

Analyzing the different meanings that YES can have, we can see that generally the 3 characters that make up the abbreviation are equal to the first letters of the words that make up the meanings indicated in the list.

Does YES always means the same?

No. The meaning of YES does not have to be exclusively one of those listed above, as this abbreviation may have different meanings that have not been included. In other words, the abbreviation YES may be used for other connotations not included in the list, since depending on the language or country where this abbreviation is used it may have another or other meanings.

Therefore, if you ask yourself "What does YES mean?" you are probably referring to any of the names indicated, although it may be a different meaning according on the context or the language in which the abbreviation is used.

What are the abbreviations used for?

Abbreviations are used to shorten the name of something that is composed of several words in order to save letters when it is written. In this case the shorthand YES serves to shorten any of the definitions mentioned above without losing the meaning. In other words, you can use this name in an abbreviated form and be understood simply without having to mention the full name.

Therefore, when using this abbreviation composed of 3 characters and starting with the letter Y, the interlocutors will understand what means to without having to explain its meaning.

 YES meaning

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